Interior Design

Interior Design


The Project Brief is as follows:

A | Puplic Zone

The Office is divided into two(2) zones public zone and company internal zone. The function of the public zone is where all the employees meet their visitors
.The private zone is function is to create a demarcated security point where visitors cannot enter the company internal zone

The component(s) of the public zone are:

  • Good spacious reception lobby
  • Waiting area of a capacity of 5-10 people
A monument (trees, fountains, sculptures...).
Reception desk that can take up to 3 receptionists
Meeting rooms 5 no. of 4pax capacity
Meeting rooms 1no. of 8pax capacity

  • Meeting rooms 1no. of 12pax capacity
Meeting rooms 1no. of sofa room with 8pax capacity
  • Kitchenette to serve the guests at the public zone, or it should have joint accessibility with the internal zone area to provide the service with special control gate Common accessibility to the public toilet(s) that service both zones
  • Prayer rooms of a capacity of 10 people at the same time to service both zones, not to be exceeding 8-10Sq.M, and for most efficiency the room should be directed towards 258.220749° (degrees) from North (clockwise)
 Access Control machines installed at the entry to the company internal zone
  • Daylight Study

    Space Flow Schematic

    Social Space